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Here are the novels and short stories from Zavo’s pen


Two Bottoms in the Ninth

Treasure Trail

How the West Was Done

Hot on His Trail

Frat Sex 2

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Title Publication Date Publication
Short Stories
Blow the Man Down March-07 Treasure Trail
The Headmaster September-08 Frat Sex 2
Driven Long and Hard December-08 How the West Was Done
Publication Date
Hot on His Trail June-06 Alyson Books
Two Bottoms in the Ninth June-08 Alyson Books
Derrick Steele: Private Dick – The Case of the Hollywood Hustlers February-12 Bold Strokes Books
The Case of the Rising Star – A Derrick Steele Mystery September-13 Bold Strokes Books
Hot on His Trail: e-book August-14 Bold Strokes Books
The Return of Jake Slater September-14 Bold Strokes Books